Today was such a weird day. The morning was filled with students learning new skills – vocational rehab – things as basic as mixing grits and water together in the microwave, putting on a sock, or making a bed independently, etc. Takes a LOT of patience and is very frustrating – but if I find it insanely frustrating I am sure its a million times harder for the students. The afternoon was evals. I read five different chapters on burns last night trying to figure out the blueprint for treating a pt with burns – unfortunately all the chapters give ideas but it's no blueprint or substitute for hands-on. I'll be talking to a burns expert, Sandy in Memphis, in next few days. Driving home today I saw a bad wreck that had just happened – I had been mad at myself for being late getting home but the accident had just happened and you always have to wonder what would ahve happened if you HADNT spent that extra few minutes doing something. My thought as I passed the wreck (it was before even emergency vehicles got there, at least 10 came flying by within about 2 minutes – but there were SO many people already pulled over there is nothing more I could have offered) – was how sad I was for whoever was in that vehicle, and the drastic changes their lives wold probably have. It's crazy how just a SECOND can change everything… it hit me harder than normal, after a day filled with people learning or re-learning skills or navigating a changed life……that could be me.

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