frustrating that both cell phone service and internet are poor where i live! warm springs is a black hole for reception!

spent a lot of time with human resources today – going over healthcare benefits (hope im licensed by sept 1st as my insurance won't kick in until at least november otherwise!!) also had to get a TB screen and also had to have a drug test! That was traumatic! I had to drink 4 sodas before I could go! The iTouch app “Shy Bladder” would have come in handy, lol
tomorrow i get my drivers license, car tags, id badge picture, and hopefully orientation to gym so I can work out! Thursday I get TB shot read and tie up other loose ends of human resources stuff I guess!
September 1st is first day of orientation! I'll be a part-time “graduate tech' at first until licensure goes through, but I think licensure will come through quickly as all it's waiting for now is NBCOT certification.
My room is ALMOST organized…maybe in 2 more days it will be enough to get it all the way organized. I plan to live in this shared housing for 3 months at hopefully both/min max – ie minimum in that even if I decide to move, I'll stay here 3 months so that I can be used to commuting, relocation, familarity, and have packing amnesia kick in. But also max because it's hard living in one room and also I REALLY REALLY WANT MY LESTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ::sobs::: Anyway. Okay time to tackle some more papers I guess…
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