I got a letter from UT about becoming a member of the Alpha Eta Society, a national honor society for allied health professionals. It costs $15 to join. I'm always wary about societies that want money! Y'all think it's worth it? I guess it's cool to have it on the resume, but have no idea if it's like, prestigious, or one of those crap kinda things where you get invited if you showed up to class once in thirty years. It LOOKS like you have to have a 3.8 or above at the very least, but not sure if that was specific to a random school or in general.

I've been messing way too much on Facebook tonight.

Had a pretty good couple of days overall…don't feel like writing much else for now I guess. It turns out I can't interview for my special hope/dream job until after I pass boards which is at hopefully only about a month away, so I am SOMEWHAT playing the waiting game for now. Not really though because I am using the time to investigate/explore job options, study for boards, volunteer, and possibly take a crash immersion course in Spanish for health professionals, we'll see.

Ok I've hit my limit for the night. Good night.

Apr 16, 2009 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: 1