Well after speaking to switchboard operator and nursing supervisor who confirmed the outpatient area was closed, and no therapists around still by 820ish, I decided that since it was snowing, I should probably go home, instead of sitting around by myself. I almost slipped several times just walking to my car. The drive was scary. Around 830 when I was driving home carefully, I got a phone call from my supervisor, who was now at work and had just been running late. She was there to do the geriatric unit. I let her know I was on my way home although I could turn around, but she was okay with that since roads were a little iffy. Roads were scary to me a little bit, and then just walking down the hill to get into friend's house was also a little scary, I slid a few times. I feel bad that I didn't stick around longer, but I really felt certain things were closed and I didn't want to wait for roads to get any worse.

I couldn't have done anything without her there -and since outpatient is closed, she just has the ward, so I think she'll be okay (and she lives really close)…I just don't want her thinking I'm lazy!!!

I have her home phone number, but it's here at home. It never occurred to me I might be at work and need to call her at home. Now I know better.

ANYWAY….gonna go lie back down I guess. Hmm. b

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