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I've learned more about burns in the past week than in many years combined. The key word of burn rehab as far as I can tell is officially ELONGATION. Want to do my patients right!

I feel really guilty for being so um…..deliquent with updating. Honestly I am truly exhausted almost all the time. It's all I can do to handle work most days in terms of staying awake….I nap way too much or sit passively and read articles in downtime instead of being active and updating blogs etc. And my gmail box is up to about 700 mails I haven't dealt with yet (and 50 I havent even looked at)…so I'm just uh, yeah……well….

I do love OT but I don't love insurance companies. One bit!

I'd say I have a new leaf to turn over of updating blog more often, but I am so freaking tired most of the time that it is unlikely. I constantly think about things I want to write about and just need to start writing them all out in private emial….then go back and change things around enough to eventually be able to discuss them without HIPAA violations. Instead I just am like “man, can't write about it on my blog” and then it's gone out of my brain. : Boooo.

So anyway………tomorrow is vocational rehab and maybe some outpatient. Right now I'm working 4 areas sometimes within the same week! Inpatient, voc rehab, outpatient two clinics….so lots of interesting experiences. I guess I'll stop rambling now. Love hearing from readers and if you want to write in about something, if it's appropriate I'd post it for you, re OT of course.

Karen 🙂

Feb 23, 2010 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: 2