Hmmmm…waiting to graduate.

I haven't blogged in a while because I haven't really had anything specific to blog about.

I miss my fieldwork but am glad to not be working for a while. I'm studying for the exam. I keep hearing about people failing the new format, but I'm a great test-taker, so I'll remain optimistic. I'll probably take the boards in May.

Graduation is May 29th. My mom, dad, and grandma are flying in from CA I think, plus a few other friends from this area may come.

A lot of my classmates already have jobs lined up or are interviewing. I haven't even started that process. I've been offered several jobs but do not feel they are the right fit for me at this time.

My first choice is a pediatric cancer hospital in Memphis which may have an opening in a few months. If that doesn't work (fierce competition), I want to consider spending a year living in Asheville NC. I've decided not to try CA for a job until I've had at least a year's experience around here – it's easier to get a job if I'm not a new grad, and I'll have more money by then.

It's fun but scary to be job hunting, starting a career. I need to update my resume…

I don't think I'll be blogging much daily for a while, since I don't probably have daily OT-related experiences. I do have a lot of catch-up blogging to do on stuff from comments, emails, stories, etc, though. I'll try to keep up and not neglect this blog!!

Thanks all for comments, e-mails, I appreciate them. I'm behind still…as always…but slowly catching up.

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