Hola, occupational therapy students… Yo soy Karen…no me gusta Muzzy…

I was in the Special Care Unit of the local pediatric hospital, holding a fussy baby less than a year old. I was standing up with him in my arms, next to his crib since the tubes only go so far. I was kind of gently dancing with him as his TV (which I forgot to turn off) showed Pooh & his friends dancing. He hadn't been very responsive to my coos and singing.

Then my eyes were drawn to some sort of game near the crib – it was in Spanish. Anyway, inspiration struck, and I realized maybe he was more used to Spanish. So I said to him the only thing that popped into my brain at that time…

“Hola, donde esta la biblioteca?” (Hello, where is the library?)

Yeah. It didn't work…

*I've had Spanish most of my life…but when I spent my year in Norway it took over the Spanish part of my brain and now when I try to think in Spanish, Norwegian words come up instead…ugh.
*This was while volunteering – although I get to shadow an occupational therapist next Friday morning there! Yay! I cannot wait to both shadow AND volunteer there!

Jan 16, 2008 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: none

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