Holy cow! I really AM famous! But not.

I check my stat counter more or less daily, and I typically stay stable at around 13-30 new visits a day. I checked today and double-taked. On Friday I had a 135 new visitors! That's like ten bazillion times higher than normal! I tried to figure out where the traffic came from, but I couldn't. If you are a new reader who found me on Friday, I'll be your new best friend and give you lots of secret knowledge about OT school (cough) if you tell me where the link was!

I also wish I had been a little more SANE this week in my entries, but it's been such a busy week that pretty much my blog entries have consisted of “AUGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH more later”. Oh well.

Tonight I was supposed to work on stuff like I said in the previous post. Instead I took a 3 hour nap (because I was on a huge sleep deficit and I'm still tired so I will try not to feel TOO bad), but also spent 2 hours at a party instead of 1, and also spent well over an hour at another friend's house instead of like 45 minutes. So um, it's now almost midnight on Saturday and I have done NOTHING school-related. I'm gonna be freaking out tomorrow. :O

The good news is, the reason I was staying at the housewarming party two hours is that it was filled with nurses and other vaguely OT-related people. One person has a daughter with William's syndrome who was at the Tennessee Rehabilitation Center in Nashville, which has OTs. She got my e-mail and is going to send me more info, so hopefully that can be a contact for my OT department for fieldwork locations. Another one was a NICU nurse at the Med and I asked her about the feasibility of her being allowed to let me come in one day with her and get some basics on what is going on, to help me be a better volunteer with the newborns. Another one is getting her master's in social work at UT and is in a building I am in regularly at UT, and we discussed trying to network, since there is often times overlap between OT/social work, and it would be great if social workers could recommend OT more often. Etc. Plus, yesterday I ran into an old professor from college who also teaches kindergarden and told me she would love to have OT students “practice” on her kids. So it's been a network filled weekend and I LOVE IT!

I eat, sleep, and breathe OT. I think about it constantly. I love it. If you like the medical field, like people, like creativity and efficiency, like psychology, like um, anything, you will love OT school.


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