How Not to Spend The Night Before Professional Development Evaluations for OT School

Hypothetically…that is….cough…

12am: Watch the heart-racing “Tornado” episode of Desperate Housewives.
12:40am Lay/lie/whatever the grammatical correct thing to say is, in bed, thinking of about 30 different cool OT videos to make and wanting to make them all right that second or at least write them down.
1:30am Start to get sleepy.
1:40am: Have large pile of clothes in closet shift and cause closet door to squeak open, making my heart race again and being scared my crazy neighbor is in the closet. Wish closet door was shut since it always freaks me out if it is open. But too scared to close it.
1:50am: think about more videos while blackness spins around in my brain.
2am: Get dizzier
2:10. Get up and dizzily go to kitchen to eat a few spoons of peanut butter as a dinner substitute. Have trouble seeing the peanut butter without glasses. Stumble back to bed.
2:15am: Turn on pocket watch light to see what time it is. Get scared by shadow it produces.
2:30am to 7:30am: Have repeated and horrible anxiety-producing nightmares about viruses infecting my computer and, even worse, trying to take a test and only figuring out a few answers, and crying hysterically…multiple times. Really, really upset in these stupid nightmares.
728am: Have mini dream someone throws something at me. Flinch. Unfortunately, my nails were against my forehead, so the flinch caused me to scratch my forehead and leave a red spot.
7:30am: Wake up really sad and depressed.
7:35am: Look in mirror and look HORRIBLE
7:51am: Hope mood gets better QUICK since about to have a really fun morning with Virginia and my Professional Development Evaluations shouldn't be THAT bad! I'll let y'all know how it goes!!
7:52am: Get up from chair and start getting ready for a hopefully fun but looong day.

I swear I'm not normally like this!!! What a horrible night!!!!!!! Hypothetically. I meant.

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