How time flies during a move

Wow, it’s been almost two weeks since I’ve last posted. I shake my finger at myself with shame.

I’m wrapping up my former job as a school-based therapist (now I will be an independent contractor), although I’m still doing some hours there. My replacement is fabulous and I’ve learned some great activities from her.

I’m also going to be doing a little bit of private clinic work, and a little bit of home visits.

However, I’m trying to do as little of those pieces as possible for now, for the next few months, because I need to focus on building up the Miss Awesomeness resources and trying to make this a more virtual job (at times). I have several children’s books and one adult book (adult in the sense that it’s for grownups, not in the sense of R-ratings…cough) that I’ve been working on. The children ones are coming along. 🙂 They focus on children under the radar and/or children who have challenges.

This week is report card week and it’s my final week of moving. My hope is that most of April and all of May are really just Miss Awesomeness building. I’m going to try to be somewhat hermit like if possible except for social exercise.

I’m also working on the liability insurances, business licensure, taxes, and other important legalities for the brand. Step by step.

I just wanted to quickly write something up so that you saw I’m not dead, just sleeping. To paraphrase Monty Python.

That reminds me (I guess because of the sleeping part) that I had a dream, and in the dirt along with all the bugs they had these tiny raccoon bugs. Just like a beetle in size, but the cutest little raccoon ever. Kind of translucent and hairless, but those little black eyes. Amazing. Just sayin’.

Karen 🙂

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