How to Find the Best OT Job – Infographic

An infographic about how to find the best OT job…I have a tiny quote in it, yay. Seriously, the global network of OTs is one of the best ways to find a mentor…one of my first mentors was in New Zealand, Merrolee Penman! 🙂

There is also an article that goes along with it, for AOTA members only.

It’s in the paper magazine, or here digitally. If you don’t have an AOTA membership, I do highly, highly recommend it for the resources available. And lots of other reasons. But that one is my favorite reason.

The only thing I would change, if I could, is to change where I talk about my first job and being scared. It says in there "I had no clue what I was doing." In reality, it FELT that way, but I did know what I was doing. Just that typical "imposter syndrome" where it seems like everyone knows what to do magically, except me. I was safe, I was careful, and I was being supervised carefully enough that my patients were not in harm. I was just really scared. But FEELING like you have no clue is different than actually not HAVING a clue. Just sayin’. That was poorly worded on my part.

Back to reports. 2 to finish tonight. Start looking for more resources around March 19th, I’m excited!

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