How to make a million dollars in OT…..

Just kidding, thought I'd give the spam-bots a little tease. For some reason I am always wildly uninspired when it comes to OT topic subjects. Anyway, here is my plan for the week……post product reviews for PenAgain, Dycem, and Foot Fidget with a few days between in each one. Also post about conference little by little. My floor is covered with conference stuff I want to discuss. The other day two fourth grade girls decided they wanted to know my age. One guessed that I was born in 1890, and the other guessed 2008. Both were serious. And both need math help, LOL. I just couldn't stop laughing at either guess. 🙂 I have four meetings to go between now and the end of this week.  Have some new ideas to try – got one idea from Tonya's “cage” on We'll see how it goes. I'll report back shortly lol. PS: I was born in 1982!!

Ugh I kind of have a headache so I am going to stop writing now……tomorrow is Weds. My plan is to work, work out in a double whammy of craziness where I may or may not want to throw up, lol, and then rest/relax/do the Dycem product review/conference post. Let's see if it happens.

I heard from a blog reader today who is using lava/worms/bee paper with success. Any of you out there tried it and if so has it been helpful? I want to make some new types soon. So many ideas, so little time! Boo!

Hope you all have great weeks, lovely people 🙂

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