How to Make Instant Grits in 40 Minutes

Working in occupational therapy in field of Vocational Rehabilitation is an interesting job….we do a lot of basic kitchen work – minimal ingredients/directions, to try and prepare students for more independence as desired by them [said so anti-rehab people don't jump on me!]. I think of making instant grits as an easy thing of course – but I take so much for granted, being (more or less) physically and cognitively intact. Making grits could be difficult physically, or difficult cognitively, and especially difficult with both physical and cognitive difficulties. In cases such as below, as the therapist I try to give the student a chance at every single step to come up with their own solution or answer; only cuing when it's clear they are uncertain of how to proceed. It may take 40 minutes the first time as it may be a brand-new experience, but ultimately it should clearly take a lot less time…I think in the case of someone who needs as much cuing as below, their kitchen abilities will be limited to several VERY LIMITED recipes such as this one and possibly require supervision to make sure things don't go awry in the microwaving process! [ie pressing 11 minutes instead of 1 by accident and then walking off and not being able to problem-solve what happens next.

Working in Voc Rehab has taught me I TAKE SO MUCH FOR GRANTED – we all do. We don't think twice about making instant grits when really we should be thankful we can do it so easily! 

How to Make Instant Grits in 40 Minutes
1. Discuss with therapist on making Instant grits (single serving packets, water, 1+ minute in microwave)
2. Try to find bowl, spoon, and grits within kitchen. Get cues to find each item.
3. Try to find directions on boxes of grits. Get cues to find instructions.
4. Read directions for non-microwave directions. Get cues to read microwave directions.
5. Struggle to tear top off packet.
6. Struggle to empty packet. Ask if entire packet needs to be emptied.
6.5 Throw away empty packet then forget instructions are on it as well
7. Get new packet to read instructions on.
7. Read [incorrectly] amount of water needed. Get cued.
8. Try to measure out water; ask if “this is enough” [no concept of measurement]
9. Put in water; read instructions again. Cues to stir.
10. Stir minimally with large clumps left; get cued to stir further
11. Struggle to figure out how to open microwave; cued
12. Place bowl in microwave
13. Read [incorrectly] amount of time to put in microwave. Cued
14. Translate [incorrectly] number to punch in microwave. Cued
15. Try to figure out how to turn on microwave Cued
16. Try to pick up hot bowl immediately. Cued
17. Eat.
18. Cues to use soap, hot water, on bowl; cues to remove all clumps; cues to place in drying rack.

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