How to make your own Wiki Stix for peds OT…really adults too I guess.

Did I ever share this recipe on how to make your own Wiki Stix? Google them if you don't know what they are. Great pediatric occupational therapy tool. I got it from someone else who got it from some one else…and I have not tried it. SO TRY AT YOUR OWN RISK….I guess use eye protection, burn protection, hand protection etc as needed…I have no idea how toxic toilet sealant wax so maybe its a weird idea…I dunno…..let me know how it goes if you do!!!

Toilet sealant wax
1/2 cup of paraffin wax
Ball of colorful yarn

1. Melt equal amounts of paraffin wax with toilet sealant
2. Melt crayon shavings into wax mixture
3. When mixture is melted, cut lengths of strip and dip into mixture
4. Lay dipped strings on wax paper to cool
5. Bend wiki stix into shapes and reuse just like commercial ones.

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