Hula hooping gone wild….aka beginner dance.

Sooooooooo I’ve gone insane and I’m sharing this. The description is on the Youtube video. My new passion, along with slacklining. And of course OT as always! 😉

Seriously though, well actually that was serious. But okay, anyway, it gives me a lot of appreciation for kids who struggle with dyspraxia and motor coordination difficulties, because I totally feel their pain. I practice a LOT but I am a very slow learner when it’s complicated in terms of hand placement, etc…I am mostly self taught through Youtube tutorials and then I think a total of four classes now? Once things speed up, I panic and lose it…and I don’t do well if I have to think hard….etc. When you get frustrated with kids who can’t seem to get it together, think about doing something you find super hard/complicated/frustrating, and there you go. The key, though, is lots and lots and lots of practice, and failures, and trial and error, until it’s automatic enough that it doesn’t have to be thought about. That’s especially key for dyspraxia.

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