Today's schedule:

9am -3ish Get up. Pack. Slowly. Agonize over what to bring and what to wear! Organize conclave materials and figure out hotel/plane/conference stuff. In general get stuff together, since life has been pretty hectic!! Get to miss leadership this afternoon in order to prepare/be able to get to airport early

3ish: Get picked up. Driven to airport by kind friends. Am very, very early, due to paranoia over missing flight since it is a Friday afternoon and you never know about security and missing this flight would be like a loss of hundreds of dollars blah blah blah.

3ish + 5 minutes: Walk in, one person in front of me in security line, gate is first one, have completed entire airport mission in 5 minutes. Meet Cheryl, fellow OT student, at the gate. Have several hours to wait.

Plane is about 20 minutes late. Sit next to lady who says not a word. Read, listen to iPod. Get nervous about tomorrow and doing lots of networking.

10ish: Get into Pittsburgh. Wait for shuttle. Meet one older OTA and two Puerto Rican OT students (did you know Puerto Ricans are under AOTA?). Find out that having a student ID is the difference between paying $38 for a roundtrip ticket versus $20 to get to the hotel from the airport. Sad because I did not bring student ID. Glad because lady let me do it anyway. Find out Pittsburgh is gorgeous at night, and there are tons of people on the streets. Too bad we got in too late for the fireworks.

Now it's almost midnight, I'm checked in and using the free Internet to check in with my OT peeps and then I'm going to bed.

Tomorrow I'm going to be up at 6am and put on a new outfit that Virginia designed for me that every other girl in the nation has already worn, but I'm always behind on the fashion curve. Because I just am. I'm a 90 year old at heart, I truly am. Okay I digress

7am is registration/breakfast, then things get started around 8ish…I plan to network, network, network….campaign….learn learn learn….blah blah blah. I'm excited. This is such a great opportunity. 🙂

I'm trying to take a little video on and off without getting too annoying, and will also try to get in some pictures. Seeing as how I'm all historian-like. More tomorrow!!!


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