I am thankful for ….

(I need to do one specifically for OT, maybe later tonight! Gotta go get ready to go to my aunt’s!!) HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!
I am thankful for…my ability to be concise and the people who crack up laughing at that statement. For love, light, bliss, berries, serotonin, and glitter. Peacock feathers, classy emeralds, gaudy purples, darkly turquoised blues. Angels shooting stars, Grandma’s love and ice cream.
The platypus and pangolin, artichokes and armadillos. Sauteed mushrooms, slowly moving sloths and slithering snails. Roly polys, caterpillars, dogerpillars. Burrito babies, irridescence and feathers. Tinsel and trees. Resting and rolicking. Artistic license. Word invention. That my mother only threatens to kill me when in situations involving poor punctuation. Like now. Energy and healing. Heroes of all types. Sacred circles and hula hoop dance. The kindness of strangers, the kindness of acquaintances, friends, family, being loved and loving. Shampoo and unconditional love. Rocks and shells, minerals and gems.
Fields of yellows and reds. Wild flowers with piercings and tattoos and outrageous colors. Red barns, hovering trees. Sparkles and poems and words. Art that whispers. Art that shouts. Playful vegetables and fruit parties. Inchworms and rulers. Crayons even if I can only say Crowns, that’s okay because crayons are a crown to a page without color, that I can soothe myself when young children with speech impediments correct me on it. Options and choice, that all can rejoice.
Wispy clouds and marshmellows. Cakes and rakes and all they make. Shivering ice and melting lakes. Cranberries red. Energies and lights and everything brights. Grace and glow. Prancing like a pony thank you Richard Simmons. Not Thomas Kinkade. Not spiders. Not loud noises. Sorry.
Thanks and spanx. Journeys, mountains, dualities, geometry, Sun and Moon. Unicorns, penguins, bipolar bears. Earlobes and frontal lobes. Cerebellums and lemons. Shrieks, giggles, laughter, raucous smiles. Vivids. Artists, writers, scientists, enjoyers, observers, listeners. Support, containment, held in space.
Bliss lights that show us the stars within, music that sits on the skin. Reverence, the hush of hearing. Power, sharing, touched. Technologies and time. Old school sublime. Whirlers and swirls, swaying, rocking, prisms and crystals. Mirrors and reflections, foundations of feeling. Glass and rainbow bright. Expansive skies, blue and bold. Galactic mysteries, that Pluto survived demotion, that boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider, girls go to Mars to get more candy bars. Hummingbirds and humbugs and ladybugs. Sizzles and sass, fizzles and frass. Dinosaurs and thesauruses.
The weaving of time and space, everything has its place. Innocence of babies, silliness and imagination. Lions and Katy Perry and children who roar. Unique thoughts, gifts every day in those around us. Giant socks, little rocks, gaudy frocks. Silhouettes and shadows, the shimmy and sashay. Chemistry and grumpy cat. Karen Walker. Steven Wright. Andy Goldsworthy, silver shimmers, Mary Oliver, green and black olives. Straight faces, gay faces, kaleidoscopes. Pearls and lace and everything grace.
Primordial dwarfs, air plants, magic. Thunder, lightning, Northern lights. Sugar gliders, weeping willows, cherry blossoms, moon light, shadows of the sun. Stained glass, pareidolia, the praying mantis. Angels and jelly fish. Flow wands, bioluminescence, sun rise. Slacklines and shamans. Monks, priests, preachers, Shel Silverstein. Passion, mirages, hallucinations, awakenings, sunrise, sunset.
Breathing and baby animals. Words of art and art of words. Anne Lammott, Alice in Wonderland, curiouser and curiouser. Wonder and wows and waterfalls. Sequoias and swans, robins and doves. Torrey Pines. Breathing, being, bells. Tatters and trees. Lariats and snuggles. Fire flies and firemen. Death Valley, Yosemite, Berkeley. Norway and the loved ones within. Not blood pudding or rakafisk  or cat-hair covered waffles but everything else. Culture. Grandparents and parents, connections and cultivation.
Japanese magnolias, pink dolphins, white doves. Tulips and daffodils, prissy poppies, passionate peace. Crazy hair curls, dancers who twirl. Emotion, insight, wondering and wandering. Peanut butter, pumpkins, pretzels and poise. Helpers and healers of the heart. Therapists, thankfulness, creation, devotion and dreams. Googly eyes, green eyes, eyeballs that roll. Head shakes. Milkshakes. Sweet potatoes and sour candies. Teachers, reachers, seers, greeters.
Rain for the rainbows, standing ovations. Optical illusions, the beauty of the world. Red Canyons, Green Mountains. Gatherings, community, phone home ET. Care Bears and Hypoxic Smurfs. Neural plasticity, St. Jude, souls. Meditation, trances, brain waves, prayer. Crosses, triangles, squares.  Molecules and bubbles. Symphonies, sympathy, empathy, paths.
Spaghetti and pool noodles, doodles, and at least a few poodles depending on annoyance factor. Grumpy Cat, Princess Monster Truck, Lester the Lion Kitty, Chase No Face. The ugliest dog in the world. Memes and misunderstood sharks. Pinterest and Etsy and Facebook. People who don’t cringe when I say that. People who cringe when I say that. Velcro and vacuums, duct tape and geese.
Inspiration, Twinspiration, twingles and singles. Maybe a Twinkie. Pizza and spice and everything nice. Stability, affirmations, reaching upward. Helping hands and hearts, knowledge seekers, journeys, forward momentum. Chapters, books, futures, the present and gifts. Leaning forward, leaping forward, laughing forward, looking forward, life.
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