So I just posted this in OT Connections and here now too. Pictures/video to come.

I graduated on Friday and found out I passed boards on Sunday! It really wasn't that bad. I know of four other classmates that took the test within the same week and they all also passed.

Now I have an interview at a local pediatric cancer hospital on Friday – a dream job – and I AM SO EXCITED/NERVOUS. I am going to prepare like a fiend the next few days, researching everything I can about it so that I am as knowledgeable as possible. I'm also going to come up with tons of answers to typical interview questions. And I'm going to pseudo interview with good friends. And I need an outfit…can't forget the outfit.

So…my family flew in from California for the Memphis graduation and most of them left Sunday but my mom leaves early tomorrow morning…then it's focus, focus, focus on this interview. I hope it all goes well. Exciting/scary times! Why don't they sell Xanax in bulk? KIDDING.

Hmm. Maybe I should list “inappropriateness” as one of my flaws.

Wish me luck! This job would be an amazing opportunity, especially as a new graduate!

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