I looooove Warm Springs :)

Spent the weekend in Chattanooga with former classmate Becca. We walked ALL over the place….did fun stuff…ended the night with a really neat conversation with her and her husband about how Warm Springs, GA changed the WORLD, really. Her husband used to visit her while she was doing a 3 month fieldwork down in Warm Springs (Becca is the one who introduced me to the idea of working there) and he toured the museum and loves the history of the place. He pointed out some good points to me!

Roosevelt is well known for his amazing leadership during the war and great depression…
what people don't think about is how his polio and subsequent stays at Warm Spring changed his attitude and thoughts a LOT…
he went from elite rich president to a humbled man willing to surround himself with people with disabilities (especially polio), the SHUNNED….saw first-hand how people lived in rural GA and their poverty….really impressed upon him the need – on a personal level – to make sure the “little people” were taken care of and given work…
Imagine how his presidency was changed by these major life events…he may have never even BECOME president had Warm Springs not existed as a way to motivate him to move past his polio.
Very inspiring. Warm Springs is a truly magical place that changed the world!! 
My Georgia licensure came through….Monday I tie up loose ends, Tuesday and Wednesday I have general orientation, and starting Thursday I have my first day as a real OTR/L. I'm excited.
I think sometime next week I'll have to make a final decision as to how I want to take on the future….maybe officially closing down this blog (still up to read, just not adding to it)….not sure yet. Since my name/work and all that are posted, I'd be exceptionally limited in what I could post. As in, basically just random things not related to work. Dunno. I'll figure it out. My main goal is to stay an employee so that means being VERY VERY VERY careful! 
I have received word of a new blog to link for y'all, from an OT student starting this upcoming week…plus a big ol' horror story about the importance of keeping up with continuing education hours/licensure lapses! Coming soon! Maybe tomorrow night.
I am always thrilled to receive e-mails and comments from y'all. Thanks so much for the support and/or for using me as a vessel of OTosity. Haha. Anyway…good night.
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