I love you I love you I love you

Today, three different patients told me they love me!  Awww!!

Can't think of too much special about today besides the love fest. Things were a little chaotic this morning- we have several patients with pretty severe dementia who were agitated and calling out and “responding to internal stimuli”, so that made life kinda difficult.

I told my supervisor today – you know, I am sorry I always come back to the office late from the unit. I know it messes you up having to sign them the next day, and it messes me up too since I have to stay late, but I have a REALLY HARD time leaving my patients in the afternoon. So it's not that I can't manage my time effectively, it's that I choose not to.

AAHAHAHA It's true…I look at my watch and I know I should go soon, but there is always one last thing to help a patient with…then another last thing…then a family member to speak to…then another thing…and then OOPS…and what is probably the worst is that I'm typically there about 30+ minutes after my last billable unit…so it's not even that it's counted towards productivity!!

Oh well. If I'm going to suck at managing my time, I guess it's good that it's by choice and for the reason of wanting to help patients, and not just because I sit around twiddling my thumbs.

I'm working on my professional development evaluations right now, I'm maybe half-ish finished. They are due Friday. I also finished my final fieldwork questions. I have a big ol' long form of questions to fill out though, and still need to work on a few other projects for my supervisor!!

Mar 25, 2009 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: 1