I now present to you a little thing I like to call "Priorities Shifting" due to OT school.

OT School And The Priority Shuffle

Before: Pre-OT school

1. I would throw away old vegetables.
2. I would not let stuff stay on the floor.
3. I swept the kitchen at least weekly.
4. I did dishes every few days.
5. I would regularly straighten up my bookcases.
6. I would go through and throw away clutter.
7. I read magazines/books that came in immediately.
8. I would make sure my toilet paper/paper towel supplies didn't run out.
9. I knew where everything was.
10. I would prepare and eat healthy, chemical/artificial free nonprocessed foods.
11. I would regularly clean out my many e-mail boxes.

After: Mid-OT school:

1. I have sweet potato trees a foot high in my fruit basket.
2. Stuff on the floor provides important proprioceptive input to my tarsal joints when I run into said items so why bother picking it up.
3. Crunchiness on the kitchen floor gives much-needed sensory texture to my bare feet.
4. I do dishes once a week. (To be fair, I only use a rinsed-out bowl a day and 3 utensils so it's not that much).
5. My bookcases are a jumble.
6. I have precarious heaps of clothes and clutter near my bed. I will die in an earthquake due to suffocation from those heaps falling on me.
7. I have another precarious heap of books near my bed. Some have been there since January. If I don't die of suffocation I will die of a concussion.
8. I have half a roll of paper towels and no reserve toilet paper left as of today. You will hear cursing in about a week when I realize this matters.
9. I can't even find my black angel wings to wear to Roller Derby. Seriously, who loses that in a one bedroom apartment?
10. I live on Lean Cuisine, WW Smart Ones, Lean Pockets, and Healthy Choice for 2.5/3 meals a day. (hence, no dishes – see the genius plan?)
11. I have 3,400!! new e-mails in my work e-mail (I cleaned it right before I started OT school in January for a final time), 500 old unfiled mails in the Google box I cleaned this summer, a month's worth waiting at the hospital I volunteer at to go through, and at least 100 to file in my university e-mail. Oh, and 170 new ones in my AOL box. And I barely care.

Need I say more? I would if I didn't have OT homework to go do.

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