I now present to you…new OT students in the blogosphere

I’ve gotten a lot of e-mails from prospective or incoming OT students lately, and that really pleases me. Everybody seems so enthusiastic and I’m excited about that. Quite a few of them have blogs, so I’d like to share their blogs with you (click on their name), although you have to promise you will come back to mine too!

OT Student Blogs:

Patti – she started OT school this past week. She has charted her journey getting into OT school and her most recent entries, tellingly, are along the lines of, started school, busy, more later. Sound familiar? 😉 I’ve known Patti since I was 12 years old through online work and she is the coolest person in the entire world. Well, kinda.

MamaChill – a brave mom who just started OT school as well. She is a little bit overwhelmed but it sounds like she is still okay! Keep up the good work Mama, you can do it! Loving your blog entries!

Nivea – an enthusiastic undergrad applying to OT schools now and waiting with crossed fingers! Give her some support!

Nathan – male OT student who hasn’t posted in a while. I’m setting him on fire so he’ll start posting again.

Lady of Musotopia – an Australian undergrad OT student who is really busy and really nice! I’ll post her blog if she gives me permission.

Paula – has no blog, but e-mailed me and said she is an OT student starting in September. Have fun, Paula! You seem spunky!

Honorary Ex- OT Student: Natan is a male OT student who recently graduated and is now posting about his experience as a new therapist! I love reading up on his experiences. (Don’t confuse Nathan and Natan! Why do our two males have to have such similar names?)

I think that’s it. E-mail me or comment if I left you out by accident!
Next post, tomorrow, for incoming occupational therapy students: Ways to impress your new professors!
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