Today we had neuro, pathology (joke), a long break, and then a really great lecture from a local community leader who told us how we are in a great profession and helping save souls. In a non-religious kinda sense. And then I went with Allison to go pick up the kid I’m staying with, to find out he had been picked up by his grandfather a few minutes earlier due to him being pushed into a mud puddle. So Allison and I went by his house to check in, then went to the grocery store together, and then I ran home, and in in my unheated 55 degree home I took a shower and got my stuff ready for tomorrow, all within about 20 mins, since I had said I’d be back to be with the kid by 630pm. We went out for pizza & donuts, and now he is sitting here watching Cartoon Network, and I am sitting here writing this! The last few days have been nonstop crazy it seems! And our research project is absolutely insanely time-consuming, so we are even more busy than we normally are. Which is hard to believe. Ugh.

So anyway…I’m kinda stressed out, about life in general, beyond just occupational therapy school…although that’s a lot of the stress. And luckily the fires are abating in San Diego.

I did REALLY REALLY REALLY ENJOY meeting my OT little sister, Talli, yesterday. She wrote me a really nice e-mail today thanking me!

I’m gonna write one more mini-post and then work on some homework for a few hours. I feel like every day I finish one assignment and think I can breathe slightly easier, but then professors clarify something or ask something and bam, we have a new assignment. Augh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok…as always…my refrain…I LOVE OT SCHOOL….I just don’t LIKE it right now…AHAHHAA…get it…yeah, I’m hilarious. No, seriously, OT school is the bomb….and just like any graduate program, it has its pockets of stress!!!! So go to OT school and let your stress be fueled by glitter crafts and wheelchair wheelies and toolboxes and tons of other really fun things! If you are going to be stressed out, don’t you want it to be from fun stuff instead of trying to calculate calculus vectors? If those even exist. I’m not a math person. You won’t find a lot of math people in OT. We’re all about touchy-feely client-centered stuff. 🙂 Math: Two + two = four. OT: Two + two = ? You can do it! Let’s figure it out together!

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