I should have been a criminal…

I just got the application to renew my OT licensure so that I can continue practicing. Obviously very important. This will actually be my first renewal. I originally got a Tennessee license, but didn’t end up practicing in Tennessee – I ended up in Georgia. So I got a Georgia licensure. Then after a year I moved to California. So now I’ve stayed in CA long enough for a renewal, my first! Even though I graduated in May 2009. I was reminiscing on the fingerprint process. Now most licensures use LiveScan, where you go to special places that have digital scanners for your fingerprints.

Apparently, my fingerprints suck. It’s a very stressful experience getting my fingers printed, because the computer rejects them over and over again, and what should take 5 minutes takes about an hour of fussing and trying various tricks. So frustrating! I really should have been a criminal, considering how poorly my fingerprints process!! 🙂 Alas, I choose to err on the right side of crime, helping instead of harming. But if fingerprints were in charge of destiny, I would most certainly have ended up a criminal rather than an occupational therapist!!
PS: For those of you applying for licensure…yes, it’s a pain. Start as early as you can as everything will take longer than you think! 
Aug 10, 2012 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: none