I should sooo work in psych.

My psych professors are rolling in their graves…not that they're dead, but yo, it's an expression

In a session with a woman who is herself emotionally volatile and bizarre and has apparently raised her children to be likewise:

Me: ::moving shoulders of woman while in bed, my face bent over hers::
Female Patient: You're a very pretty woman
Me: Thank you! That's very sweet of you to say.
Adult daughter standing by bedside: I'm sorry. Those pain medications make her say inappropriate things.
Me: I think it's only inappropriate if she says I'm ugly! 🙂


In a session with a woman on disability for mental illness, who has had a stroke:

Me: ::moves around room gathering supplies to do some bathing, talking out loud to self about towels etc::

Me: Gosh, I'm talking to myself here!

Her: That's okay, I do that sometimes too. Is that bad?

Me: I guess it depends on what you say.

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