i start fieldwork tomorrow…augh

I should probably be really nervous since I start fieldwork tomorrow. I had all these visions of organizing and cleaning and preparing – a montage where here I am carefully organizing my bookcases – here I am dusting – here I am looking up pediatrics – but instead I've been sleeping a lot, hanging out with friends, and gingerly stepping over all the stuff on the floor. My house is messy, my life is messy, my car is messy….you get the picture.

I was going to go hold babies today since I didn't go yesterday but I think I'm once again going to pass because my back is still really bothering me. I probably will go to a doc or chiropractor soon – the back pain is leading to nerve pain down my legs. Fun. So now the more realistic plan is….clean surface in house so not jumping over things, prep for first day by looking up a few diagnoses/play therapy techniques, and spend some time with friends. And grocery shop!  And finish the article.

The most EXCITING thing to me about starting fieldwork….this is sad…is that I will have blog material once again, coming easily…I know I have to be careful of HIPAA but I can just modify things to make people non identifiable. 🙂 Pretty funnnnnnnnnn. I love real life adventures.

Jun 29, 2008 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: none