Icky Saturday, hopefully a better Sunday

What is it with Singapore!!!

I had tons of nightmares about Singapore!! Grrr!

I think maybe it signifies my idea of hell in a way – just a chaotic far away place where I don't feel in control or know what is going on. I personally find reading dream descriptions to be really boring since I don't have the ability to visualize, so I'll skip most of the details, but I spent over three hours in a tiny office waiting for t-shirt and bloodwork so I could actually visit Singapore, since apparently, this was required. It was really annoying. And some Singapore man was making fun of me for being a little dizzy and wacky…whatever. It was frustrating and scary. I am not sure why I've had so many nightmares every night recently – nervousness about fieldwork? I don't know. Maybe though – the theme of all dreams is the lack of control, being scared and frustrated and sad and angry and blah blah blah. lol. I used to dream about ocean waves and plane crashes and glass in my mouth – all suffocation dreams where I woke up gasping for air. So this is a new era. HMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday was a rough day…I was NOT happy especially after a night of crying in my dreams. I laid around in bed until 3pm because I felt really sad and depressed to do anything! I finally started cleaning my bedroom stuff, then dropped by Kerri and Brent's for a few hours, so the day got better. I played my own version of chess with Brent's hand-made board and he refused to play with me because he is not an out of the box thinker. (“My pawn cop is riding the horsie and he is going to stampede your pawn!” Then he tried to teach me real chess. I strenuously objected because in my opinion, chess is almost impossible if you can't visualize, since you can never be a step ahead. We played anyway though. The tower and bishop confuse me as I keep forgetting which is which. I finally had to think of the tower as straight (it moves linearly) and the bishop as gay (it moves diagonally) to get their movements right and even then it was a very slow process. Plus I fought with Brent a long time about how sexist it was that the queen was the most powerful in her movements yet it was the king that had to be protected. LOL. ANYWAY.

Today will be a better day…my day probably involves, in no particular order, walking with Christa, going to Costco with Burt and maybe Patsy, seeing friends Paul & Angela, random chores, and headed to hospital to hold babies if there are enough present…hmm.

I also need to work on APA citations (booooooooo) + treatment plans for my four kids of the week!!!!!!!!! I do a lot better when I'm busy. You'd think quiet restful days would be good but then I'm stuck with my own brain as company and that's no good! I think I'm gonna sit around a while longer then get ready for the day. :O

I want to make a post soon that looks at all the bazillion OT blogs out there right now…..but it's probably a while away until I finish the articles and stuff…the nice thing about going back to work tomorrow is the neat experiences!!! We hit the tiny rural town in Mississippi tomorrow again in the afternoon!

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