iep season

So tired I could cry. 🙂 Sounds like a country song. I took a nap from 8 to 9 just to try and survive. I'm semi falling asleep at stop lights! Went to bed at 3 on Sunday night, 12:30 last night…(luckily I napped yesterday too)….it's almost 9:45 and I hopefully can be done with my highest priority stuff by 11:00::crosses fingers:::….today I had 10 minutes to eat lunch and I felt lucky! The day before I didn't get a chance to eat lunch or even go to the bathroom until 4:30pm. It's my own fault, I am new and trying to figure out too much, it was not this grueling when I was shadowing the OT whose caseload I inherited! I just need to speed up and get things under control. In the meantime, utterly exhausted. I've gotten several blog emails lately – it may be at least this weekend (or worse) before I reply, just FYI. Always happy to hear from people though! Just not quick to respond these days.

Let me reiterate that if I wasn't the perfectionistic OT that I try to be, I wouldn't be quite as insane with my schedule. More or less all my own fault. Don't be scared of school OT! (Although IEP season really is rough. My cat agrees, he is trying to help me write this). Okay I had to rant. Back to work.

May 04, 2011 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: 2