I'll probably regret sharing this but hey, humor is important and that's important to show in my professional development evaluation, so hmmm

My friend said something that jogged this memory of a recent event.

There's a lady on my unit whose family came to visit her. This little lady is sweet as can be, although often “confused”.

Me: Ms X! I see your family came to visit, how nice.

Ms X: Yes, this is my daughter :::points to (very obviously) a son::

Me: ::looks at the man:: Gosh Ms X, your daughter sure is ugly!

Ms X and son: :::start laughing:::

*Before I get hate mail – I knew this lady well enough to know she would catch the mistake and find it funny.
**Before I get hate mail anyways, yes I still sometimes say inappropriate things without thinking, I'm working on it and overall am doing better. 😛

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