I'm a histrionic. No just kidding. No really. No….

Quickie today.

Professors were understanding about my a/c dilemna. Luckily karma worked for me and the air conditioner people came between 11 and 1pm, which was my break from class anyway. I had a friend on stand-by in case things went late. I only missed about 15 minutes of Neuro so it was a pretty good situation.

In the afternoon, we had a lecture on repetitive stress injuries by our normal professor, and then a guest lecturer on burns. We saw some pretty nasty pictures of burns! The lecturer did a good job explaining the different types of burns and what you can expect. She was pretty no-nonsense, which I think is probably necessary when you deal with burn patients. I don't think I have the heart or stomach for burn patients – give me a kid with cancer any day!

I'm still sick (but improving) and I think it might just be bad allergies, quite possibly exacerbated by the mildew/wetness that has been in my A/C area. I'm a little overwhelmed right now with all the things coming up in a few weeks – the Home Modification project is taking up a lot of my background thought, plus another project is coming up quickly with another group, plus the normal readings/assignments, plus a test this Weds and next, plus coming up with adaptations for a special needs rehab mini carnival (cake walk, bowling..any ideas anyone?)…I know it's not unmanageable, but I'm just not “feeling” it right now.

Hope everyone has a great week!  Hope you all enjoyed my a/c drama! Maybe I have histrionic personality disorder!!!

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