I'm an angry passionary about OT right now

I've had somewhat of a rough December (even though it's also been restful and great), long story, so I haven't gotten things done like I should have. I now have a to-do list that is literally over 50 items long. Not counting the many thank-you cards to write, or the fact that I still haven't sent (or written) my Christmas cards to Norway. Oops. lol.  Augh! I'm slogging through the list though. I had written down a few things I wanted to at least briefly mention.

1) I'm a “passionary” about OT! I read that word in Reader's Digest or something and it made me laugh. It's a good one. Passionate + visionary = passionary

2) Again in Reader's Digest (I'm an 80 year old at heart, so sue me), they ALWAYS have these articles on like soldiers or sick people going through these horrible events and then eventually being okay again. But their whole painful struggle of rehab to get to that point is NEVER mentioned for more than a single line. It makes me mad!! They should give lots more kudos to Rehab than they do! Yes it is technically the patient/client/consumer who leads the way and does all the hardest work, but it seems like their journey toward healing deserves more than a single sentence. The End.

Ok. I'm done. Now I can cross this off my list.

Jan 01, 2008 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: 1

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