I'm at the brink of AOTA meltdown…:::totters:::

Augh! AOTA, you’re killing me!

I get AOTA’s 1-minute updates and I wanted to post about several of the articles mentioned in it….like about the Centennial Vision, mental health OT for veterans, etc….but most of it was members-only! DUDE! There aren’t any crazy secrets in these articles! I have a membership but I’m too lazy to type in my information right now after hours of cleaning out my email box so I’ve given up!

Plus P.Mo doesn’t love me ::cries::

Oh well, as long as Sam of Social Media doesn’t blacklist me or whatever (I like to think we’re BFF4EVA even if we’ve only talked like once), I’ll try to survive this cruel AOTA-inflicted pain. It hurts. It hurts like the long dog scratch on my leg from doggy-water-hose fun time this morning. 😡

I LOVE YOU AOTA! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU PASSIONATELY FOR SUPPORTING AND ADVOCATING AND FUNDRAISING AND LOVING AND ENDORSING AND ADVERTISING BUT IF YOU DON’T LOVE ME BACK SOON I AM GOING TO GO ummmmmmmmmmm…..well I don’t really have any other options so I guess I’ll just deal with it. Ok, I promise to love you unconditionally, AOTA.

Jun 02, 2008 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: none