I'm famous, for real this time…

Y’all are gonna have to stand in line for my autograph. I’ve been beating people off with sticks, the paparazzi has been so heavy. It’s almost like I’m Britney Spears going to a Starbucks.

This evening I went to the Tennessee Occupational Therapy Association West District meeting at a local restaurant, Cozymel’s.

I sat near an occupational therapist in private practice, named Jennifer. We were talking for a while and then something I said (completely randomly) made her ask me if I had a blog. I said yes, and it turns out she had been reading my blog and knew who I was! Completely randomly!

That really made me happy! It turns out Jennifer is also going to be coming to our class soon to teach us a class on handwriting. She was really nice and gave me a lot of insight (plus she was an alum from the program), so I really enjoyed meeting her.

I also saw a ton of other OTs I have encountered in various settings. The OT world is definitely small. Please remember that!! Burning bridges or spreading gossip is baaaaaaaaaaaad.

Also, tonight I spent (coughwaytoomuchmoneycoughbutitwasallonsalecoughandihadacouponcough) at New York & Company, buying a bunch of professional wear. Typically occupational therapists/students will never need really fancy business suits, but business-casual-dressy style is good to have. Since I’m going to the upcoming TOTA conference, and then the National Student Conclave in November (COME ON OT STUDENTS THIS IS A GREAT OPPORTUNITY!), and then AOTA next April, I figure it’s important to have some appropriate clothing!!

So between buying new clothes, and being blog-outed in a good way, I had a good night!! Of course that’s because I’m trying very hard not to think about the book report due tomorrow that I haven’t finished yet and can’t start on until midnight. I love denial. Ok, so, I’m about a week behind on blogging and I may have to declare blogging amnesty and just give up trying to catch up. I definitely want to share the pediatric splinting lab we had today, and talk a bit about the OT research we are doing with this Tai Chi project…and share more about thermal modalities….

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