I'm not narcissistic, I just love myself an awful lot…lol just kidding

So, as I sat on a mat today, holding a baby for two hours (asleep the last hour), I had a lot of time to ponder, as all my extremities slowly went numb. I was thinking about the e-mail I just got from a friend, who, among other things, said “I like the blog but don't you think the narcissim is a bit much :-)?”  and….”You sounded so serious at the beginning but your recent posts sound more and more narcisstic like OT is a jumping off point to launch like a branding karen dobyns takes over the world project lol.” He also asked if internally, OT is really catty, seeing as how it is predominantly women. While he wasn't trying to hurt me, it did sting, and so I thought about it for a while.

My thoughts are this:

1) I am running for a national officer position. I can't be like “Hi…I'm Karen. I'm kinda self-deprecating. Vote for me anyway please?”…I have to be like OMG OMG I AM THE MOST AMAZING OT STUDENT IN THE WORLD I WILL BRING GLORY TO YOUR LIFE AND MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE VOTE FOR ME!!” So yeah, that then comes across as a little narcissistic, but I honestly think narcissism, fake or not, is a necessary campaign strategy. The problem is that voting lasts a MONTH (it ends in 4 days), so I've had a lot of that I AM AMAZING kinda stuff up. On the 21st I plan to resort back to my typical less self-congratulatory self. 🙂

2) The online world is an exaggeration, a caricature of our real selves. I don't seriously run around in circles screaming YAY OT all the time. I am passionate about OT and it makes me happy, but I'm not jumping in my chair or anything. It's a lot easier to say YAY I LOVE OT WOOT WOOT online then it is to go stand on a street corner waving OT signs.

3) I wouldn't mind having my own brand if it were like the most awesome OT products ever, kinda like Martha Stewart. Hmm. Is that narcissistic?

4) I am sure it has gotten a little to my head, having a blog and knowing more than just my best friend reads this. (I don't even think my mom reads it regularly). But I doubt you could find ANYONE in real life who would tell you I have an arrogant personality. So THERE!!!!!!

I'm going to go work on some homework before I head to some friends. More later, as always. I love blog therapy. 🙂

Feb 16, 2008 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: none