I'm such a slacker

Several days without posting, I kind of think the world might be ending.

It's been a very busy couple of days. Tests, project group meetings, friends, etc.

Today I got there early to mail some cards and get coffee (decaf though!) before class at 830. We had one neurologist on multiple sclerosis who was WONDERFUL and then a neurologist on motor weakness in general who um, wasn't quite as good. We then had a research project design class which I had trouble concentrating on because I was feeling as if I was about to pass out at any second. My muscles were twitching and I felt like if I stopped concentrating or moved suddenly I'd just slip away, like my blood pressure was low. It was probably just my blood sugar.  Luckily I didn't pass out and was fine after Allison slipped me a cookie near the end of it. Then I worked on a frame of reference Powerpoint with Brooke and Allison in preparation for next week, and then I headed to the local pediatric cancer hospital to do some volunteer database work in the rehab department. (I also confirmed with the other local pediatric hospital that I'd be volunteering every other Saturday in what has essentially turned into a neonatal ICU, AUGH!!!!! Scary but good practice) Then I headed back to the university to go to the gym with Allison, then I went home to change before heading out East to my fake adopted family's house for a delicious dinner. I showed them my amazing newly learned NDT-based technique of assisting a hemiplegic adult go from sit to stand. I'm so cool, I know, I know…

Wednesday we had a test on group theory, not as bad as I thought considering we were given major horror stories about it. We also had our first group session, I'll try to write a post about it this weekend. (only in general since the actual content is confidential).

Tomorrow we have a class in leadership, a meeting with a professor to go over a Powerpoint, and a class in Neurology on transient ischemic attacks. So fun, right? Also, I'm going to get help from a few girls in my class in picking out funky new glasses, I'm most excited about that. And then some of us are going to Emily's pool! If it doesn't storm, I guess.

Overall this has been a really stressful week in terms of projects and tests as well as trying to juggle hanging out with non-OT friends that I haven't gotten to see much lately. Luckily one test got bumped a week out so that helps a LOT. But we still have a test on Monday, an hour and a half presentation to give Thursday, the carnival on Thursday, plus a big presentation Friday, plus all the normal stuff! After August 10th things will get a little easier. Yay.

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