So if you read the post below about princess letters, you'll see also that I discussed how we co-evolved the idea that I had guards for my imaginary castle. Some kids REALLY struggle with imagination but that little guy was not one of them. He is full of ideas. I encourage as much imagination as possible in sessions…almost anything is more fun with some imagination involved. I've talked before about just referring to the recycling bin as a hungry shark…makes it way more fun to throw crumpled paper in….even though nothing has truly changed besides the IDEA! This includes dealing with very basic tasks such as handwriting or shoe tying…..even letter writing can be a game, even shoe tying can include snakes and loop men….etc etc. Children have so little chance to evolve their imagination anymore….if they want a sword, they can buy one at a store……instead of just using a stick like we did in the olden days (when I walked barefoot both ways uphill, seeing as how I am approaching the ripe old age of 30). So…when working with kids….imagination, imagination, imagination! It will be good for you as well. You are NEVER too old to play or to imagine or to have fun. If you think you have no creativity or no imagination, guess what. I PROMISE!!! on a stack of Bibles!!! – that you do! And that I could pull it out of you. 🙂 And that there are lots of great ways to work on imagination. And that this doesn't just apply to kids…you can use the same ideas with adults, as long as you make it clear you are being playful and not condescending, while working on your meaningful activities!

Blah blah blah, stepping off my soapbox, blah blah blah. I had a personal training session today (just 30 minutes) and it made me want to barf and die. SO HARD! So now I am lying in bed, comatose. Guess tomorrow night I'll finish my AOTA conference presentation?????

Hey, for those of you who have asked me about military OT….go google Army OT guy……pretty enlightening stuff. I just finally went through and read all the FAQ etc, very intriguing! I'm presenting with him (Erik) at conference along with Anita Hamilton, Cheryl Morris, and Christopher Alterio….all awesome people. Thrilled and honored to be part of the presentation as they are all so much more accomplished than I am…they rock.

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