In OT Land, every day is Independence Day!

Happy 4th of July! Or even more importantly, Happy Independence Day!

I shared in an earlier post the T-shirt slogan I found on that said “OTs make every day Independence day”.

I like that shirt because it emphasizes what most non-OTs forget. If you asked an average person (assuming they have even heard of OT) what OTs did, they might say OTs work with upper-body, or maybe that they deal with daily life activities. Yet our ability to facilitate independence is one of our most prized and important skills and we need to emphasize that!

So remember…in the OT world, every day is Independence Day!

Update at 1030pm before bed: Today I headed out with friends Paul & Angela to her parents’ house. We had beef brisket, ribs, homemade barbecue sauce, grilled corn on the cob, green beans, watermelon, bread, cucumbers and tomato, coleslaw, and grilled sweet potatoes. Pretty decadent. Red velvet cake and lemon pie for dessert. Yum! Then I went to the track where I got my undergraduate degree, and walked for a few miles. I was alone on the track and it was kind of melancholy, looking at the beautiful buildings on the tranquil campus. I miss my time there – I like my MOT program just fine, but there is a big difference between the campus of a private liberal arts college and the bustling, industrial campus of a large university in a downtown area!

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