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I was super productive today…well kind of. Mostly. And I may or may not have accidentally referenced “ball massage” during an IEP meeting. I was referring to using a textured ball on the child's back, but um, it didn't quite come out that way. Whoopsie doodles…I was at just two schools today. Multiple meetings, lots of paperwork, and some unsuccessful attempts at seeing children for direct services. I did get to see some fun stuff though by being in the learning center at a different time than normal. I got a FOOT FIDGET at Expo to review, and I must say so far it seems to be awesome…I will review it quite shortly once a few more days have passed.

I had a 30 minute “boot camp” circuit (6 exercises, 4 sets, 40 seconds each exercise, 20 second rest), augh….and then I checked the oil in my car as it was suspect, worked on cleaning out my car, showered, cleaned my room, watered my adorable baby epiphytes, watered the cats, etc etc….in other words, SUPER PRODUCTIVE FOR ME. A typical day after work consists of me crawling into bed and playing on Facebook till I pass out. Yeah. I know. So I am quite proud of myself today. It's 9pm now and I'm only semi tired….I'm sitting here in the dark with my screen dimmed and a cat purring against my arms under my 30 pound weighted blanket….anyway the whole point of this was to say that I have LOFTY goals for this weekend, when I am not out with friends……for this blog anyway.

I want to: write up my full reviews for Linda's awesome book, Dycem products, and PenAgain; start the write-up of the Foot Fidget; write about conference – share the presentation and details – write about Expo – etc. So….check back this weekend okay? I kind of maxed out my brain power tonight so this is all for tonight. Sorry. And oh yeah. I talked to my grandfather Nacho for a long time, and I talked to Libby, awesome awesome OT, about inventions and presentations etc. I decided me, Libby, and Tonya Cooley of need to do a google+ meet up as we are all crazy school OTs with lots of inventions and ideas.

Oh, and Libby used the lava/worm/bees paper today with great success… 🙂 If any of you use it will you let me know what you think? Remember the key is DRAMA…it's a GAME! to find it and other ideas…

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