Introducing Lester the Lion Kitty

Wait. Before I can go to sleep, I have to share with you all my excitement. I may be inheriting Lester the Lion Kitty, truly the most bizarre kitty cat you have ever laid eyes on, imagine an inbred dwarf lion with craniofacial abnormalities and you have LESTER.

I need a kitty cat like a hole in the head, but you know, but not every day do you get the opportunity to inherit an inbred lion kitty that could win ugliest cat in the world contests, so we'll see. I think he could become a YouTube star.

I also think that Lester could become the mascot of pro-bulimia organizations, much like the pro-ana societies, because every time you see this cat, you want to throw up. It's that ugly. But just like space/time and hot/cold, at very special conditions, become one in the same, his ugliness becomes his beauty. So ugly it hurts. In a good way.

And before I get any e-mails telling me not to make fun of people with craniofacial abnormalities, or dwarves, or people with genetic deformities due to inbreeding, or people with eating disorders…….I want to adopt this cat, don't I?! (It belongs to my OT supervisor and don't worry, if I adopt it it will be post-rotation, so also, please no nasty e-mails from fieldwork coordinators telling me I'm making an ethically poor choice!!! Also, don't e-mail me telling me I'm too sensitive! Also, don't e-mail me telling me not to tell people what to write!! Also, yeah, just don't e-mail me unless you want to like, say something nice, in which case go ahead, but I'm as always behind on responding. Oh and don't tell me your cat is so-ugly-its-cute-er than MY future kitty…Lester trumps all cats. Period.)

By the way, this cat could probably benefit from occupational therapy – he is gravitationally insecure!!!!!!!!!!!!! He hates his feet off the ground and has to be held in a firm deep hold in order to tolerate it! OT is the cat's pajamas.

Speaking of pajamas, good night…..

Jul 31, 2008 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: none