inventing new games instead of paperwork

So I was trying not to stress about all the work to do tonight paperwork wise, and somehow I end up gluing googly eyes onto cotton balls. What's up with that? 🙂 I was going through my OT toys trying to think of new fun stuff for tomorrow's final sessions, and inspiration struck. “Wolf and sheep”. I have a bunch of clothespins and a bunch of cotton balls – the wolf are clothespins, the cotton balls are sheep. Which now have eyeballs. Anyway I haven't fully decided how it will work but basically a bunch of cotton balls, maybe just one clothespin for each person, and then timing how many sheep we can each get in say, a minute. Or maybe I'll ahve each “wolf” get one sheep. I dunno. Something.

I also have a foamboard (?) from Target that is in the shape of a flower that I got in like the dollar section. I used Sharpie to write a color in each flower section and the pushpins are those different colors. They have to put the diff colored pushpins in their own flower section.

And I finally did the whole dried rice-with items inside thing and put it inside a larger container to avoid spillage…..

And and and. And I need to do PAPERWORK not invent new games.


Jun 09, 2011 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: none