Is it bad when the patients tell me I'm crazy? lol

I only got a few hours sleep last night – my new meds cause some sleep disturbances – and so on days like this with little sleep, I strive to overcompensate and typically end up more
extroverted/loud on those days. Our second group today had a big crowd and I was being really silly with them (we were playing a social interaction bingo that has you compliment people,applaud people, give hugs, etc). I had the entire room cracking up pretty regularly (apparently I'm pretty funny to people with dementia and the like) and one of the patients, who I've had relatively normal conversations with, chose that he would ONLY answer questions with “You're so crazy!”, gazing at me with a smile on his face. I'd be like Mr X, tell us your favorite memory. Mr X: You're so crazy!!!

I chose to take it as a compliment because I think he meant it more bemusedly than negatively.

And apparently even old people love fart jokes. I was standing up, facilitating the game, when all of a sudden there was this incredibly long, low noise…honestly at first it sounded like
someone's stomach was having serious trouble. I turned around in circles several times, trying to figure out what it was, and then realized it was construction noise. I exclaimed (without thinking) “Wow!! I thought that sound was coming from someone in here!! I was thinking maybe somebody ate too many beans!”  and they all burst into hysterical laughter. I guess the noise was low enough that even the hearing impaired ones heard it and all originally had a similar thought? I dunno.

I think I AM a little crazy. That's okay!

I've said it before, I'll say it again…when it comes to groups, especially lower-functioning ones, I think smiles and laughter can be the most important part of the session.

I did four evals today…one of which needed to be done ASAP. I won't go into the gory details – I'm sure I'll bring it up in a few weeks or something in more detail of the yucky parts- don't want to mess with HIPAA fate – but let's just say it was the most disturbing and revolting eval I've ever done, period, and it was all I could do, literally, to not vomit, while doing it. I thought I was going to be sick several times because of how disgusting the behaviors were. It was the kind of thing where had it not been needed ASAP to confirm something, I would have taken one look and said “Not appropriate right now, I'll come back later….and by later I mean never” lol.

Thank God I have an awesome poker face when things get really bad. 🙂

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