Is not so grate acshually…

I decided to end this blog blitz of about 3 hours with some irrelevant pictures. Everything below this post is relevant to occupational therapy though.
Arnie sent me this picture of seniors fencing….I used to be fencing club president at my undergrad college… it! I guess this one is technically relevant to OT. Let’s move on to irrelevant and irreverant.

This is a spin off of the Charlie the Unicorn youtube video but it cracks me up so. Yeah. See, it’s funny because the giraffe is shunning the duck. By pointing at him. And saying Shunnnnnnnn just like they do in the Charlie Unicorn video when they are trying to convince him to go to Candy Mountain. Ha ha ha ha! Are you laughing yet? ::crickets chirp, blank stares::: Ok moving on…
Me corrupting the two Norwegian girls, Hannah and Madelyn, with the joy of colored garage sale stickers….we had WAY too much fun with those things. My Norwegian host mother, host mother’s best friend, host sister and her husband and two daughters came to the USA! I drove up to Nashville to see them (staying near my friend Suzanne who they dearly love!) and then they came to Memphis for a day and we had a mini party at Kerri & Brent’s. These two little girls are truly amazingly well-behaved.

Quality time with the most adorable children IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! French fries make everything better.

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