It's OT Month!

I had a nightmare last night that a patient stopped me to ask if our next session would be meaningful. I was like um……I'll try!

I've been having a semi-rough time lately! For no good reason either. No one is pressuring me too much, I'm in a quiet community, I can go walking around a lake every night, I should feel very blessed to be where I am. But lately my self-esteem is at new levels of low when it comes to OT – I know as a new grad (I've been an OT 7 months now), and especially as a grad spending most of my time without any other OTs around, I am not expected to be amazing. Especially when I'm dealing with everything from strokes to car accidents to hand injuries to cerebral palsy etc – its awesome OT is so diverse. But I do all sorts of research and get advice and yet I still feel utterly complexed. Ugh. I'm definitely way too hard on myself!

I'm in charge of OT Month – will have to blog asap about how that is going. This weekend should be pretty quiet so maybe I will catch up on random stuff around here and blog-wise, e-mail wise, etc…

So on that cheery and inspiring note (haha(, Hope everyone else out there is having a happy OT Month!!!

PS: So while I know some people will spit at the very idea of theraputty, if you DO use theraputty, my new fav thing to do with it is like have the outline of a square or other shape made out of tape on the table and you put the putty in the middle and they have to spread it out to the perimeter of the shape….

Apr 16, 2010 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: 2