Job Gods, do you hear me?

Dear Job Gods, I am counting on you with all my heart and soul to help me find an appropriate job, with great mentorship so I can expand my learning horizons, a job that will help me grow as an occupational therapist and person, and a job I will look forward to going to each day. This would most likely be in an inpatient pediatric setting, ESPECIALLY with the babies. Job Gods, I've worked extra hard these last few years to get merit-based scholarships, keep a 4.0 GPA, be in honor societies, volunteer a lot, socially network, get published, share my passion of OT with the world at large, and I like to think that means I won't have to work somewhere completely random, but maybe it's time I have a rude awakening to the suckiness of the real world, I don't know. Anyway, job gods, thanks for listening to me, I have faith that you will help me find the right job in the right place at the right time! Love, Karen, Almost an OT.

I'm not going to give up hope that writing on this blog for TWO YEARS still hasn't made me job connections!!!! Because that would be a failure of social networking, and we can't have that!! DO YOU HEAR ME! ::whimpers:::

Anyway. Been studying a lot for boards- trying to retain spinal cord injury levels, dyspnea/angina levels, primitive reflexes, obscure types of muscular dystrophy, decubitus ulcer stages, cardiac rehabilitation MET levels, etc etc etc, in my head. Lots more to go.

Not a lot going on – trying to stay healthy and sane while also studying a lot. So far it seems to be going pretty well. Right now I'm waiting on my classmate Virginia to bring over her cat, Marley, for a playdate. We've compared cats and both of ours seem to have Aspergers so we'll see if they get along. Both of them will walk right up to other cats/dogs and be like, what up? As the other cat/dog goes WHAT THE HELL. So maybe introducing the two of them will be a match made in heaven. Marley & Lester, BFF4EVA.

 It probably won't go as well as we hope, but it will be short anyway because we both need to study.

Most of the rest of the day is studying, and I may go to Assisted Living Bingo tonight to loiter with my elderly homies. That is all.

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