job search x infinity :)

I had one formal interview yesterday, an informal one tomorrow, and hopefully one more next week. I have to remain mum about all interviews (ie details) until I have a job so I don't shoot myself in the foot. I did that once and don't want to repeat the process!!

I think one tip I have for people preparing for interviews (on top of ones from previous post) is to focus on S A T Y R – I don't remember where I got that from but it's not my idea. (Does it count as plagiarism if I admit I have no idea where it came from? Probably. Hmm) It's Situation, Action Taken, Your Result. Basically when they ask you questions they often want examples. So you can't just give a vague answer of “I would probably do X…”….well you can, but ideally you would have a stronger response by stating an example of when this occurred. I'd probably think back on your past experiences and come up with a list of times you learned something, helped someone, etc….then figure out what it applies to….have those past true scenarios fresh in your brain to use as examples for questions you get asked… always get the typical…what if you don't get along with someone, stuff like that.

My first aid card came this week but I am waiting on the paper CPR certification….hope it comes soon. I also got my brand new driver's license! Hey, I got to meet a blog reader (or at least she read it once)  – I got to actually briefly shadow a therapist who had commented on my blog about six months ago. SMALL WORLD. 🙂 She was awesome.

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