Jungle themed frustration :) With child yoga!

Allison wrote this tonight (well technically she wrote a whole group protocol but I am only c/ping a part) – in preparation for her group tomorrow with five kids…on frustration…using a jungle theme and yoga poses…she found a really neat child yoga site….I plan to try some of these poses with a few of my kids…she has done some really neat groups, I am impressed with her ideas. Was given permission to post.



      Today, we will go around and welcome each child to the group.  Each child will color and decorate a jungle animal of their choice.  They will practice making decisions, sharing, and creativity.  We will discuss things that make us frustrated.  We will go on a jungle adventure experienced through yoga exercises.  This will give them another outlet to help manage and control their frustration.  I will begin to teach them 4-5 basic yoga poses.  I will then continue to ask for them to demonstrate the yoga poses and increase the speed.  The point of this example is to frustrate them so that we can discuss how we feel when we are frustrated and techniques that we can utilize when we feel this way.  We will then go through a jungle adventure through yoga poses.   





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