Just call me OT Student Debbie Downer

Today has been a blah day!

We had our final occupational therapy group today, and the group was on “closure”. It was nice and light-hearted. Then we had research project training for 2 hours, where we would spend long periods of time agonizing over the change of just a few words. I have a very detailed brain so this is the kind of thing I love. I'm pretty sure it's torture to the other girls though.
We learned how to give the Timed-Up-And-Go (TUG) test, the Standing Functional Reach test, etc.

Then, by some random remark by one of my professors, I ended up writing a quick blurb (and attached pictures) about Backpack Awareness day and submitted it (and it was accepted) for the next edition of our UT publication. That was cool. It takes a long time to write just a few sentences though!

THEN we had a occupational therapy media lab. It was making “Something out of Nothing” and I was excited about gluing random crap together. Which was silly, because doh, of course we wouldn't have a lab on that. Instead we were given case studies and goals for children and then had to make something that would help the child meet the goal, using just the random stuff lying around. It was challenging and a good lesson but I was sad because I just wanted to glue stuff.

THEN I went to a PiYo class (Pilates/Yoga), THEN I came home and goofed around when I should have been studying.
I was supposed to journal about today, and I just had no words. I was blah. It's the first time I haven't been able to ramble on endlessly.

So….I got nothing done today related to occupational therapy. I'll pay for it later!

Tomorrow we start our Thermal Modalities class for certification, it's a big deal. We have it from 1-5pm tomorrow, 8 to 5pm Friday, and 8 to 5pm Saturday. It's gonna be a horrible weekend. Especially because I have three projects due next week! Losing a Saturday is a devastating blow, but we are lucky to have this opportunity, so I'm going to try not to complain too much.

In general, I guess I'm a little bewildered about things. Kinda blah, kinda anxious, kinda unsure. The class dynamics are shifting with all the stress and everything just feels unstable. I'm sure it will all be fine soon.

Pictures and more fun blogging soon. If Brooke read this post she would call me “Debbie Downer” right about now.

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