Just my plans, nothing exciting….well except for something I won't share yet lol

I leave San Diego tomorrow, Monday afternoon…get picked up by my good friends in Nashville for the night…then fly to Jacksonville, Florida on Tuesday morning. Meeting friends there – they just had their second baby! Looking forward to it. 🙂

 Have had fun in San Diego and time has flown. Lots to share that I thought about late last night but have now, at least temporarily, forgotten, and/or am too lazy to write about right now. I'm having a lot of lower back pain (starting after first two days here when I spent a lot of time bent over looking for shells), that is kind of radiating into my legs….I took a whole muscle relaxant last night hoping it would help and therefore spent most of today groggy since I'm sensitive!…It didn't help much though and in fact it's been getting worse day by day. Have not previously experienced this. Will probably see a doctor soon if it's not gone by the time I get back to Nashville.

Some exciting news…but gotta wait to share it till I have permission…it does involve the awesomeness of the online OT community though…..and AOTA….and I need to catch up asap on online OT blogs since apparently I've been missing some great posts!! And I have lots of pictures to share soon!!

Tomorrow morning I'm going to attempt to go walking with my next door neighbor if my back is up for it, then maybe work on some random OT and Ipod related chores..will be home alone all morning, then drive rental car to airport and head back on plane in the afternoon!

GOOD NIGHT! It's only 10:20 pm but I'm gonna lie down and rest my back! Augh! I'm so old!!

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