Just words flowing out my distal PIP joints….or sumtin'

I'm sitting here dazed…it always takes me a while to wake up. I was checking up on blogs and saw there was an update by one of my favorites – a woman who lost one of her 6-year old triplets to cancer a few years ago that I have been following since before the little boy died. This woman is so kind and sweet and loves her children, and she posted a little thing about the death of Maria, a 5-year old little girl and daughter of Steven Curtis Chapman. I read a little bit about her and my heart is feeling extra heavy this morning. Some days it feels like there is just too much emotion in the world and my heart can't take it all! I'm used to children dying unfortunately, after so many years at two local pediatric hospitals, but some days it catches up to me and it just hurts. I might stop by one of the hospitals today and hold some babies to take away a little of the sting of this morning!

I had lots of odd dreams last night as I tossed and turned with a wet rag on my face – it felt like one of my eyeballs was going to fall out, it was an odd headache. One of them involved family therapy at a Venezuelan restaurant for a little deaf girl…one of them involved tracking cookies all over my house…one of them involved OT classmate Allison getting hurt at her job but was fine….some really weird dreams. I'm staring at 1.5 years of filing to do, in piles all over my living room…paycheck stubs, receipts, cards….I get a lot of cards. I am blessed to have wonderful friends and family. It's easy to get bogged down in complaints some times….but I have, overall, so much joy in my life these days…

I'm thinking this morning I'm going to put on some music and try to finish up the INCREDIBLE amount of filing – I throw away almost nothing so it's truly a Herculean task…something I've put off ever since I started graduate school. Then this afternoon I'll go hold babies and get some errands done I guess…like filling up my car, writing some postcards, crap like that. PLUS, I desperately need to finish a paper on diversity that I'm doing in collaboration with another student…and send off for my new car tags…and pay some bills….augh.

This next month will be OT-lite…I just don't have a lot to share in the OT realm overall…but June 30th it starts back again with fieldwork, so hang tight. I do have about a hundred mails to go through and so sometime very soon – possibly tonight – I'll have a blog blitz and post all the OT-related things I haven't gotten around to yet from old mail. This includes responding to comments/emails from OT people…sorry I'm so behind, I do respond to all OT e-mails after a while, I promise. 🙂

I had a great time with the Norwegians in Memphis…and enjoyed seeing everyone at our little class party…but the slideshow Kerri and Brent and I made, had carefully chosen Beatles music, and the sound wasn't working…oh well. I'll end up putting it online soon.

Yesterday was a really really fun day…..OT classmate Kerri reminded me it was 60s day at the local assisted living facility…so I showed up for the dance….she had already been there a while and danced up a storm…I joined in and danced with a ton of residents from both the assisted living part and the adult day care center…tons of strangers…a little old man with Down's syndrome…a woman with a hat who kept kissing my neck and hands…lots of sweet Tai Chi study residents…one of the residents had on a GIANT black Afro and he looked absolutely amazing. It was SO much fun and I wish I had brought my camera. I'm a bad dancer…I love dancing but have nothing to show when I go out with my friends…so dancing with a bunch of old people or kids is perfect for me…because I can just kind of bop in place and that's all I'm good for anyway!  it was neat seeing the smiles on everyone's face….holding the hands of strangers and just dancing to the music…

Then I babysat…which was also nice…the kids are adorable and the entire family is great…unfortunately the kids were obsessed with beating a scorpion in the Legend of Zelda so they spent a lot of time on the phone with OT classmate Kerri, lol, who is good at video games.

I ended up spending the rest of the evening w/ Kerri & Brent who live near by the kids…we laughed a lot and just had fun…I got home late. I talked to my friend Suzanne on the phone who has been chillin' with the Norwegians in Nashville, and she told me my host mother told her that she and my host father think of me as their “baby” (I was 15 when I lived there for a year…their kids were in their late 20s) and that kind of made me cry! It was so sweet!

My real dad's birthday was yesterday but apparently he is in jury duty. I need to call him today…and call my mom too, just to chat. This is such a random post. Just everything flowing out my fingers.

My online job stopped last week or so because the game closed down after 3 years…I was there from Day 1…it's weird to not worry about being online for work for the first time in three years…and to have that extra time…I'm usually very busy and this is the first time in a LONG time I have nothing planned for the day except what I feel like doing…nothing set in stone. I'm babysitting Saturday night and Monday and Tuesday during the day…then I head out for 20 days of pure out of town vacation…woot woot.

Anyway…I'll stop now….turn on my iTunes and do some heavy duty filing…
by the way….I'm pretty sure I saw a monkey in a pickup truck on the freeway yesterday…….also, one time, like a few years ago, I was in a bar with my friend Doug, and a woman walked in carrying a little monkey wearing a diaper…it was really cute.

The End.

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