Keychain Connect 4

The kids think my tiny Connect 4 is the cutest thing EVER and they love it….it's insanely tiny, see how its smaller than this 1st grader's hand?

Notice the child is using his middle finger instead of index finger….this tends to be typical of kids who have some fine motor issues……the middle finger is technically more aligned with the thumb and therefore a little easier for these kids, but ideally we want them to switch to their index finger as that is, biomechanically/anatomically, a better fit……I should be able to spout off musculature and stuff, but uh, I've been out of school too long. Better go review my Benbow stuff lol.

I need to go work on yet another report……one of these days I promise to get to all my blog comments and emails. I do love my job and I love love my co-workers. 🙂


Nov 15, 2011 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: 2